We Truly Simplify RV and Boat Lending

At Rec Loans 360, we believe everyone deserves a chance for easy, fast recreational lending approvals.

Recreational vehicles give you the freedom and flexibility to travel on your own terms but financing an RV or boat can seem overwhelming and be a bit frustrating. At Rec Loans 360, we completely understand how you feel and believe everyone deserves a chance for easy, fast recreational lending approval.


Our process is 100% online and gives you the ability to obtain your financing from the comfort and convenience of your home. Obtaining a loan has never been easier than through our 3-stage loan process:

Apply using our Secured Online Portal

You'll get a decision the same day in most cases

Review your terms and sign your documents

We’ve assembled a network of nationwide RV and boat lenders to satisfy your needs. We truly simplify RV and boat lending. Once you have submitted your application, we immediately go to work for you and your family, remaining in constant communication throughout the approval process.

RV Loans

Once Rec Loans 360 connects you with a lender, you can visit dealerships with confidence.

Rec Loans 360 offers a fast, secured, and worry-free financing for:

We can help you refinance an existing RV loan. Whether you’re unhappy with the original rate or term, or maybe you want to leverage your equity and get a lower payment. Refinancing is a great option. Take advantage of the lowest rates while you can.

If concerns about your credit have been holding you back from your dream RV purchase, let us help you. We also have relationships with nationwide lenders willing to work with people who’ve had some hiccups and bruises in their credit history. It happens to all of us.

Boat Loans

For some people, the open water soothes the nerves more than the open road.

Whether your credit is outstanding, or you have challenged credit we can assist you in getting the loan that is best suitable for your specific needs.

Recreational Loans Made Simple

Fast, Stress-Free

Submitting your application to willing lenders has never been easier or faster. Complete your online application today for approvals as fast as 24 hours.

Competitive Low-Rates & Terms

Our reach is nationwide, and we are dedicated to bringing you the best terms and rates for your recreational loan. From excellent to damaged credit, Rec Loans 360 can connect you to an appropriate lender with interest rates as low as 7.24.

Secure Lending, Guaranteed

Trust us to pre-qualify your application before sending your information out to lenders. We won't let multiple lenders pull your application up at once and leave your credit in distress.

The lenders in our nationwide network have financial options to meet a variety of RV and boat financing needs.

Why Choose Rec Loans 360?

Rec Loans 360 works with all types of credit. Whether you have excellent or challenged credit, we are your answer to a quick, easy, and pressure free approval.

We deal directly in RV and Boat financing, giving you access to a range of low rates and terms to meet your budget. Rec Loans 360 offers rates as low as 7.24 interest for well-qualified buyers and special finance options are available based on credit.

Rec Loans 360 stands out from the competition with lenders that offer financing and refinancing as well as full-time RVer loans. We have removed barriers to RV refinancing so that you can lower your rate, payment, or extend your term. We have the lenders that make it possible to travel, work, and live in your RV year-round.

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Rec Loans 360 has built relationships with lenders nationwide who can make RV or boat ownership a reality for you. We're the first step in planning a lifetime of outdoor adventures. Contact us today to start the application process.

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