Used RV Lending

Motorhomes, campers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels often have a lot of life left in them once a family is done having fun with one.

As a result, most used RVs sell for a good value. They offer great savings for a family on a budget and allow you more money to spend on your next outdoor family trip. The best part is that Rec Loans 360 can help you save on financing a used RV.

Benefits of a Used RV

RV Manufacturers have made impressive strides in recent decades by building them with upgraded amenities and designs for the past few years now.

You’re sure to find the popular features that you’re looking for when choosing a used model. On top of saving thousands of dollars compared to new models, you might find a larger selection on the used market. We have found in most cases, purchasing a pre-owned RV will allow you to purchase a premium model at a largely depreciated price, saving you thousands.

Why Apply for a Used RV Loan With Rec Loans 360?

You don’t want to spend hours hunting down individual lenders and filling out who knows how many loan applications. We let you shop for a used RV loan nationwide with one simple application. We pre-qualify you for a national network of RV lenders who finance people in many financial situations.

Customer Service Is Our Priority

After receiving your loan application one of our loan processors will get in touch with you to go over your goals and options for the loan. With that information, we stay in constant contact, answering any questions and taking care of any concerns throughout the finance process. We are with you until you have taken delivery of your RV.

We're Connected With Nationwide Lenders

You don't have to shop around to get the best interest rate and/or terms that fit your budget. With our secured application, you can see what lenders throughout the nation are willing to offer you.

Fast Online Application

We've made applying for an RV loan as simple as possible. A streamlined online application collects your information quickly without a bunch of hoops to jump through.

Quick Approval Turnarounds

You don't have to wait around and worry about missing out on great a deal on that used RV want. Approval times do vary. Most decisions are minutes away after completing our secured online application. Our lightning-fast response time helps you take advantage of the saving on the used RV you want while it's still in stock. We walk you through every aspect of your process. With Rec Loans 360 you stay in the know!

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A recreational vehicle can change those weekends into unforgettable adventures. With a variety of terms and rates, we can help make those adventures affordable. When you partner with Rec Loans 360, a loan agency that specializes in financing, we can help you navigate through the benefits and challenges of recreational ownership and help you make the decision that is best suitable for you. Start your application today!

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